Please give us a little time…

We’re working really hard behind the scenes to get a variety of template letters drafted for you to be able to download and use.  We’re hoping this will make a few things a lot easier.

We have so many ideas of templates we can include here, but as you can imagine, some of them are quite complicated.  We want to make them as easy to use as possible, so we need a little more time to get them right.  As we add new templates, they’ll appear below.

If you have any suggestions of templates you think we could create, we’d love to hear from you.  Honestly, we want to create the templates you want and need, so please tell us if you have any ideas.

If you need a hand with any of our templates, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


GP Letter to confirm transition

Word (downloads document) | PDF (opens in new window)

You can use this template by giving it to you GP and ask them to follow the format and wording to help you change you gender on your passport and other official documents.

Refusal to prescribe HRT – Raise a concern with the Medical Director

Word (downloads document)

We’re working on some template letters at the moment that you can use if you are experiencing issues with your GP refusing to prescribe HRT.  The word document above is a template letter you could use if you have been seen by Gender Identity Clinic and they have recommended a prescription to your GP, but your GP is not willing to prescribe.  You can use it to write to your local Medical Director to raise your concerns.  Make sure you copy in the WHSSC email address that’s in the template.  You can also send a copy to us if you would like us to help advocate on your behalf.

We’ve put together a list of the Medical Directors, Chief Execs and Complaints Departments across Wales NHS Health Boards.  Take a look at this list to know who to email or write to.  You’ll need to know this when you fill out the template letter.  DOWNLOAD THE LIST HERE

Please be aware you will need Microsoft Word software installed to use this template.  If you cannot access the document, please contact us and we can either help you access it or we can edit it for you and send you a finalised version.  You can see an example of a completed version HERE.  


Ask your school to make appropriate changes

Word | PDF

This template will let you pick the changes you would like the school to make such as changing your name, gender or access to gender appropriate facilities etc.  It will also let you indicate which changes (if any) you do not want to be made.  You can of course use this a number of times if you would like things to be changed at different times.


We’re going to add templates here that will help you change your details with financial organisations.  We’ll also include a template letter to request that your HMRC (Tax office) information is restricted if you have not received a GRC but identify as a gender different from your current legal gender.


We want to develop more templates and this is very much just the beginning