Client Portal

Under Construction…

We’re currently working on this section of the site to bring you as much information as we can, but we wanted to at least let you know what we’re working on.  Here is a little taster of what’s coming.

We’re really excited about all of the new features and we hope you will be too.  Let us know what you think…

Log in to your own Support Portal

We’re building a new Support Portal feature for clients who want access to the information about the support we’re providing.  When it’s finished, you’ll be able to see any notes about your support and send us messages directly from the portal.  You’ll also be able to upload documents that we might have asked you for electronically (this will save on postage, not to mention allow us to see what we need MUCH quicker).  This won’t take too long to finish off, we just want to make sure it’s right!



Comments, Compliments and Complaints

We hope you won’t need to make the latter of course, but if we’ve done something wrong, we’d prefer you tell us.  Please let us know if we’ve done something you weren’t happy with.  Similarly, we always love to hear where we’ve done things well.  Any feedback you would like to provide will help us continually improve our services.  



Book an Appointment

If you’re being supported by any of our the full time members of our team, then you can book an appointment with them using their booking form link in this section.  Their link will give you all of their available slots, and all you need to do is click the one that’s best for you, answer a couple of very quick questions and hey presto.  They’ll see you then!


Get info quickly!

You’ve got a quick question?  Want a quick answer? 

We’re building some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) along with some helpful answers to some of the most asked questions.  While we are developing this, you can still contact us directly and we’ll be able to help.


Download Blank Documents

We might have asked you to fill out a form and send it to us electronically, or we could have asked you to complete and sign a document such as a specific consent form.  Whatever is might be, if we’ve asked you for it, we’ll make sure it’s here.  Just pick the form we’ve asked you to complete and follow the instructions.  We’ll add these in over the next few weeks!

My Information, My Rights

We’re putting together a booklet that will explain how, where and why we store and process your information as well as what we do with it and when.  The leaflet will also explain your rights under data protection legislation and the GDPR (you might have heard a lot about this recently).  Before we publish this, if you would like to discuss anything about the information we have, please contact us.  



Let’s get social

Over the next few months, we’re planning to integrate a new community chat feature to the site.  This will allow you to create your own account on our site and log in to our community forums and message boards.  We’re hoping to make this as social as possible so you’ll be able to message other users directly to get and offer support from others.  We love to chat, so we hope you do too.  


So we’ve told you of a few things we’re working on – can you think of any more?  Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see us work on next.  The service was built for you, so help us shape and improve it.