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We’ve been working hard to bring you information about social and support groups.  Here are some we facilitate…


Embrace is our support and social group for parents, carers, guardians, friends and family members of trans, non-binary and gender diverse young people.

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Youth groups for young LGBTQ+ people and allies between 11-18.  The groups will meet online and face-to-face.

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Click the link below to find information on some of the groups, clubs and services we know about across Wales and online.

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The more we can help!  If you run any groups, clubs or services, or if you host any information that might be useful for people to know about, you can request that the information is added to our director of services by clicking the link below.

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This is a closed Facebook group so you’ll need to request to join.  We keep the group closed for the comfort and safety of members.  We’re sure you’ll understand.