IMPORTANT: Are you sure your details are up-to-date and correct?

The Welsh Gender Service is gearing up to open the doors and we want to make sure they can contact you.

The Welsh Gender Service (WGS) are currently in the process of contacting adults who’ve been referred to London Gender Identity Clinic previously and have not yet had their initial appointment. Does this apply to you??

ARE YOU ON THE LIST?? The WGS want to discuss your referral, explain whether your appointment will be in London or Cardiff, and offer an appointment where appropriate.

ARE YOUR DETAILS CORRECT? We’re aware that some contact details might be inaccurate or not in use anymore so we’re helping the Welsh Gender Service update their records. PLEASE update your details today to make sure you’re wait is not delayed.

Umbrella Cymru has offered to help the WGS contact people on the waiting list, but to do this, we need your consent. You don’t have to consent to us contacting you instead, but you might want to, so we’ve put together a quick form that gives you both options. The choice is yours.

DON’T WAIT! DO IT NOW!! Click on the link below to update your details. Not sure if you need to? We advise doing it anyway just to be sure. We just want to make sure nobody on the list gets missed.