Induction App

Welcome to Umbrella Cymru.

We’re very pleased you could join our team.

We often get asked lots of questions in the first few days of someone joining us, so we’ve created an induction app that should give you lots of the answers (and you can refer back to whenever you like).

The app will give you information such as:

  • – An overview of the service,
  • – An intro to your colleagues,
  • – Where to find useful information about what we do,
  • – Where to go on your first day,
  • – What you’ll be doing in your induction,
  • – What forms to complete during induction (payroll setup etc),
  • – What apps we use (and links to download them),
  • – What you get from our Employee Assistance Program,
  • – Annual leave rules and processes,
  • – and some other stuff we thought might be handy.

Using the app

There are different pages in the app that you can access from the ‘Menu’ on the top (top-left on mobile). It sets out the different sections of information, and we hope that you’ll find it easy to navigate.

Some of the sections have documents to download to read and some have forms for you to complete. We’ll take you through the forms when you start, so there’s no need to get them done before.

Feel free to read through the information though… there’s bound to be some answers to questions you have in there somewhere.

You can access the app by clicking the link below or scanning the QR code. If you want to add it to the Home Screen of your phone, follow the instructions when prompted.

QR Code for UC Induction