Instant Messaging

It’s quick! It’s Free!  It’s Secure!

Thank you for arranging to chat with us using our instant message account.

Please don’t use our instant messenger service if you need to get hold of us urgently as we are only able to check and reply to messages when we have arranged a specific time to chat with someone.  If you need to speak to us, please call us.  If you prefer, you can text us and we’ll call you as soon as we pick up the message.

If we have arranged a time to chat using instant message (we use Wire Messenger), there are two ways we can do it.  This is explained below.

What is Wire Messenger?

Wire Messenger is the software we use to discuss or provide support by instant messaging. This is quicker than using text messages and is secure and encrypted end to end.

There are different ways to use this service…

You can either use a laptop / computer or download the free app and create a username.

We explain how to do this below.

Use a laptop / computer

We will send you a an email with a link that will take you directly to your own secure ‘room’ that we’ve created just for you.  This means it will be secure and you don’t have to create an account.   When you click the link, you’ll be asked for your name (or a name you want to use) and then you’ll be ready to chat with us.

This option is only available if using a laptop / computer and is not supported on mobile browsers at the moment.  If you prefer to use your mobile or tablet, you can download the app which is explained below.

Use your mobile / tablet

Lots of people find it easier to chat with us using a mobile or tablet.

To do this, you’ll need to download the app and create a username – it’s free and secure!

To do this, just search the app store for “wire messenger”, download the app, set up your account and find us using @umbrellacymru_chat.  You can also let us know your username so we have it for the future if we need it.

The logo for Wire Messenger in the app store looks like this…