An Introduction to Self-Management

By Nick Lewis on February 26, 2017 | Events, News

We’ve teamed up with EPP Cymru

…to bring you an introduction session to self-management.

Come along to find out more about self-management and other up-coming courses.


Do you experience:

  • – pain
  • – fatigue
  • – stress
  • – anxiety
  • – depression
  • – anger
  • – shortness of breath
  • – tense muscles

Come along to find out how a course could teach you about:

  • – better breathing
  • – relaxation techniques
  • – gaining confidence
  • – solving problems
  • – planning changes

This session is an introduction to the self-management courses that run throughout the year. Come along to see if you could benefit from the course we’re hosting.

The session is open to anybody with a long term health condition, or anybody who cares for a friend or relative with a long term health condition.

Where and when?

Location: Connect Gwent, Blackwwood Police Station, Blackwood, Caerphilly, NP12 2XA

Time: 11AM

Date: 9 May 2017

Duration: 3.5 hours

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